Sports Complexes

Top 10 Multi-Use Sports Facilities

Sport occupies a huge place in the life of Americans.

Many Americans glorified their country achievements in sports. The most famous sportsmen include the boxer Muhammad Ali, the athlete Bob Beamon (Robert “Bob” Beamon), whose record in long jump lasted more than 20 years, the multiple winner of Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong and many others.

Popularization of a healthy lifestyle by the US government (who calculated that maintaining health is much cheaper than restoring it) has led to the fact that an increasing number of Americans are trying to give up bad habits and pay attention to sports. Given the high employment of modern Americans, this is not so easy to do – according to research, quite a significant part of American society is occupied by fans. They may not even play sports, but jealously follow the success of their favorite football, basketball, baseball team or individual athlete.

Many famous people also have their sports addictions. The matches of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team are attended by such famous fans as Matt Damon, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Steven Spielberg and of course Jack Nicholson. Sylvester Stallone supports the English club Everton, and Brad Pitt – Manchester United. US President Barack Obama is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, and George Clooney and Charlie Sheen supported the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

Some stars express their love for the sport in other ways – Russell Crowe is co-owner of the Australian rugby team South Sidney Rabbitohs, and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is co-owner of the Llanelli football team from Wales.

The American Olympic team is traditionally one of the strongest in the games. Millions of Americans regularly watch television broadcasts of the Olympic Games, and many thousands come to the stadiums to cheer on their compatriots.

Below, we’ve made a list of the best sports complexes in America.

The 10 Best Sports Complexes in the USA

  1. Chula Vista Olympic Training Center (Chula Vista, California)
  2. Lakeshore (Homewood, Alabama)
  3. Ken Lanning Golf Center (Jefferson City, Missouri)
  4. SPIRE Institute (Geneva, Ohio)
  5. Plassman Athletic Center (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  6. Winter Park Resort (Winter Park, Colorado)
  7. Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  8. Huff Hall Gym (Champaign, Illinois)
  9. University of Central Oklahoma Wellness Center (Edmond, Oklahoma)
  10. Loon Mountain (Lincoln, New Hampshire)