Street Roads

Street Roads in the USA

US roads are considered to be among the best in the world. This applies particularly to the south of the country, where there are no sub-zero temperatures. The durability of American roads is also striking – a scheduled repair of asphalt roads is carried out in 25-30 years, and concrete – in 35 years!

The entire system of US highways is a whole and well-established mechanism. There are toll and free roads. There are highways, along which you can cross several states without a single traffic light. The roads here are made using a special technology: if the road is asphalt, then the asphalt thickness reaches 63 cm. Thanks to this technology, any highway is raised almost 2 meters above the surface of the surrounding land visually.

All highways in the US have numbers (roads going from north to south and vice versa have odd numbers, from west to east and back – even), as well as direction signs (N – north, etc.) and they are assigned a certain type (“I” is a road across several states, “US” is a general American highway, “letters from downsizing” is an intrastate highway). For example, the US-101 S is a general American highway (Pacific Route #1), which goes from north to south to Mexico. A road that has the “Ca” sign will mean that it is an intrastate road that runs through California (“Ca” – California).

The maximum allowed speed varies from state to state, so watch the signs. The specified speed is allowed to exceed 5 miles. It is impossible to stop at the side of highways. Often the left lane is dedicated to cars where 2 or more people are traveling. The driver and all passengers must be fastened. And in no case do not throw cigarettes out the window. You’d better not break the rules in the US – there are very high fines.

Toll roads in the United States are usually marked in green on the maps. The fee is taken in different ways: either for entry or for mileage.

Highway 66 is the most famous road in the United States. It is one of the first all-American highways that stretches across the country from Chicago in the northeast to Los Angeles in the southwest. The original length of the highway was 3940 km. The highway was built in 1926.